almost home

by steve galbreath

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an album about love

recorded in the corner of my living room


released September 25, 2014

writing & instruments & recording by sg



all rights reserved


steve galbreath Santa Barbara, California

i've been writing and recording music for about fifteen years. i play small shows here and there. if you have thoughts please share them. i grew up in the desert i can take it

thanks much for your time

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Track Name: secret
your face is like the sun / no your face is like the moon / no your face is like the stars / a constellation made from your heart / your face is like a painting / no your face is perfect marble / no your face is like the whole museum / your face i'll never really understand / how it keeps / all the light / from all the candles i've lit my whole life / never without / always within / your face is made of water / no your face is made of music / no your face was made for me / your face was made to shine eternally / your face is what the rest pretend / annihilating dreams and pens / your face is like a quiet night / your face is true but never tried / your face is warm just like your hand / your face i'll never really understand / and now i'm learning the secret / the biggest one of them all / that your sweet face only matches / that which lies beyond it / and oh what a prize / what a gift / it is to know
Track Name: skull
just think of it this way, all of those times you're sad / past all the laughter, past all the drinks you've had / somewhere back there, somewhere behind your shell / your skull is joyous, grinning and clean as hell / clean as hell / reaper's bell / constant yell / just think of it this way
Track Name: the party
a forest fire hurts / when i am but one tree / the flames don't belong to me / but without the burn it's worse / i will remain / i will eat all of the curse / the pain is the worth / hands as gifts / that never go / hands as light / hands that know / the party's loud / i hear a whisper / so many mouths around / but only one is right / only one speaks / all i need in the night / to keep my candles bright / voice as truth / that never fails / a crowded room / of hearts that pale
Track Name: your room
if we laid our spines / end to end tonight / would the length allow / our souls to climb on out / from our guts and mouths / and through the window now / across the lawn and through the trees / we'll learn what spit's about / we'll hush your father's shout / and you play the harp / the tower of strings / and i'll play guitar / a graceless nothing / and i'm not really sure / is this your room anymore? / cuz i can see the stars / your voice is bringing god / and everything that glows or sings and everything that's soft / heads, hearts, and bones aloft / and you play the harp / the tower of strings / and i'll play guitar / a graceless nothing / sing what we will / as long as you stay / our faces all red / take us away
Track Name: oh, that wind
don't move a limb / let me memorize it / before you break the pose / before the flicker goes away / just speak a little more / i'm trying to retain / how it feels / to be yours / shut this door / don't let the weather come in / i know the lights will fail / i know your blush will pale / but just please keep it / one more day / when i am yours / oh, that wind / blowing all of the dust all around / so baby let's shut our eyes and put tired roots down / into this sacred ground / but if you stay / don't tear out the best page / as soon as the noise gets loud / as soon as the deathly sound begins in your head / don't take what you once gave / i know you're sweet and brave / so won't you stay home / the one i made to be yours / the one i made cuz i am yours
Track Name: hey! sanctuary
open your mouth / i thought i saw a hospital / in between your lips / close your eyes / painted on your eyelids / is the churchyard i spend my time in / hey sanctuary / in your anatomy / i heard he opened you up like christmas morning / but i bet he didn't make you feel like no christmas light
Track Name: knotted
her hair / oh jesus christ her hair / it's not the last of it / and if you took the strands / and wrapped them round my hands / and tied a great big knot / we will be all we've got / you are an ocean / i could sail without sleep / your waves washing over / all the words i can't keep / her hands / oh mercy me her hands / what tiny gods are these / and softly to my knees / and gently to our bed / and if they ever rest / i'll still call them the best / i fought for you beyond the time i knew to stop / beware, each time i think i see the edge laid bare / the road just keeps unrolling past all i could know / and like a hound i'll track you down my love / i've given up on giving up on you
Track Name: once
i've bought all that you sell / i've rang my closing bell / and i don't know what i would be without you / all my rooms stacked high / with prize after prize / and i don't know what i would be without you / i guess the same as i was before / with one more name / and one extra door / but god for that name, how i'd go to war / cuz once you taste the sky then the floor / it all goes gray / all the rivers i've swam in all this time / swell for speed perhaps, but not a good dive / there's treasures in the deep / of the oceans that you speak / and someday soon i'll find out if it's meant for me / i've swallowed all your words / my eyes have got you burned / and i don't know what i would be without you
Track Name: i know
it's the wrong time / but you're edged with light / and your face opens up like a church on fire / it's gold and green / and only a little obscene / how can something be new and a memory too / i know / lord do i know / the wind / a leaf / the sun / a valley / how can this one thing have all the things i need? / a scythe of quartz / your eyes will haunt of course / you're my flesh-colored mansion / dark glass, dark doors / i know / lord, do i know
Track Name: light blue
i will be close to you / when you finally choose the blue / im not afraid of the sea / after all it gave birth to me / and when the waves come down / you'll see me underwater / sticking around / we'll bring the rays real deep / tie them to our ankles / the sun is at our feet / hearts pressed softly / to the temple markings / they tell stories / but friend im here to burn the books you showed me / i would not dare / forsake the hue you've shaded since your first tear / but as far as the ocean / the depths are best with company and hopin
Track Name: the crickets' din
sliding down over my fingers / black leather singer / what have you done / i don't mean such hurtful things / what happened to me / is just wild / sweet maelene / in the hot air of the bayou / i felt something coming / who knew it'd be me?/ heavy, dark cords of your hair / over my arms / we're almost there / all of the tools are hidden now / we'll be together / cuz we know how / maelene, you'll be safer in the crickets' din / sirens be damned / just like my sin / lips so blue, i could have married you / why did you fall / why did you choose him?/ i'm certain everyone understands / all that i had to do / protecting you
Track Name: nearly went dark
many have tried their hand at destroying my light / blackening rays to make all the wrong things seem right / and maybe it's true -- i'd nearly went dark till i met you / cuz the fiercest of fires goes out when there's nothing to burn through / and now you are here / and all my fear has gone / and all of this time spent shaping and tending my vessel / though many did try, no gem from my heart did they wrestle / through some sacred strength, i've saved all my riches for you / so open your heart and let our lights blend like they're meant to / cuz you are here / and all my fear / is dead like my heart / unless it has you
Track Name: triptych
why can't my love be free / just want my heart to bust open and bleed everything you need / don't make no sense / it don't feel right / oh that reaper's comin and spillin his spite / i prayed so hard my fingers broke / and they fell to the piles of shattered bone / won't you get all fat on the sacrament?/ if my words are black, why won't you take his?/ don't listen to it, when the howl blows / such a clear, wide sound / it falls over us all
Track Name: wick
just knowing that my name was spoken / once, by the goddess, to her empty room / that keeps me going / keeps my old feet quick / oh, just the knowing / is the candle's wick / will she end up in my arms?/ will she ever own my heart?/ will she take other lovers, once she has her pick?/ but that's not what matters / it's the candle's wick / years later, when she gets real low / will she remember there's a man who cares? / and won't ever stop? / will that cure her sick? / oh, just the knowing / is the candle's wick